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  Wednesday, 7.17.13

if you live in Michigan, you know it is a HOT one out there! i seriously can't remember the last time it was THIS hot & humid.

regardless, with this onset of heat, i think taking a breather in a (hopefully) air conditioned place and getting your inspiration on with another i want to know YOUR story
might just be the perfect pause in your day.

without further ado,
please meet Angela.
this is her story.

who are you, where are you from, what excites you, what is your PASSION... what's your story?

I'm Angela from Dearborn, Michigan.
5 years ago, i was in a really dark place in my life and if you'd have asked me then: "Who am I?", I wouldn't have had a good answer.
I'm now on a life-long journey towards self-awareness;
shedding the layers and doing the work to find my TRUE self again {LOVE}.

By working from a perspective of seeking & speaking the truth, taking good care of my health,
and realizing that we are ALL ONE,
I'm in an amazing place along my journey and honored to share my story...

As a kid, I was very smart and even part of a gifted program in school.
I loved art, culture and always had my nose in a book and have always been quirky and questioning.
I wasn't into the same things other kids were: video games, the latest toys, sports, pop-culture.
I was "different".
I never truly felt like I fit in with the crowd.
During my adolescence, I started to use "partying" as a social platform.
I grew to have a very active social life; and even held the position of Social Chair for my sorority at WMU.
From the outside, I looked happy and confident, but was at a very low point in terms of self-esteem.
I had gained weight due to a fairly poor diet, I was fatigued and just not happy.

Looking back, I had purposely distanced from my true self,
instead wrapping my time up in negative influences and relationships and spiraling downwards.

After completing my B.S. in Business Sales & Marketing, I moved back to the Detroit area to be closer to my family.
I started getting back in touch with myself.
I was recruited into a brand new career: recruitment.
I joined a gym and the Jaycees.
I reconnected with family and my friends.
I started creating a space to reconnect with my true self in my new home and new life.
When I was least expecting it, love appeared in the most beautiful & welcome form, Matthew.
Our relationship developed naturally and quickly.

Being with someone who nurtured my soul and inspired my growth as a person sparked some major turning points within me.

3 1/2 years ago, I was working crazy hours for a recruitment company
that wasn't exactly in alignment with my personal values.
I had been with Matthew for just a year at that point.
Together, we envisioned a life of freedom;
ability to make our own schedules, travel more and enjoy life together while using our talents to help others.
We brainstormed and came up with an idea to leverage our skill sets in unison;
my recruitment background and his education as a Naturopathic Doctor.

We started our own company, Orchid Holistic Search;
a recruitment firm dedicated to the Natural Products Industry.

It was very scary to take the "leap" into entrepreneurship.
We cut all of the excess spending from our budget in the beginning;
we cut out cable TV, eating out at restaurants and having two cars (we downsized to one vehicle).
We had no idea when or how the first check would appear.
Matt researched the industry and I "smiled and dialed" down the list of prospect clients we created.

We harnessed every ounce of patience we could muster
as we continued to nurture our personal growth
and belief in the power of attracting positive energy.

Within six months, the check(s) and clients started falling into place.

It hasn't been the perfect fairytale story; there are ups and downs, good quarters and flat ones.

One of the insights I've gained is that entrepreneurial success doesn't necessarily look like an upwards linear line
on a graph like they tell you in business school.
It takes patience, time management, commitment to self-improvement
and a strong belief that the efforts will pay off.
Working with people always presents an exciting challenge
and the best reward of our work is placing people into careers that they feel GOOD about.

Our Clients are leading companies across the U.S. that make natural supplements, organic foods & natural personal care products.
Matt and I feel so blessed to partner with companies that are doing good for people,
products and the planet while we help them grow their leadership teams.

While building on the recruitment practice, I still found plenty of time to work on myself;
to spend hitting yoga classes,
cooking from scratch,
growing some of my own food,
and even making my own cleaning products.

In 2011, building on my new-found passion for living naturally, I started another local business called
"Green Dreams All-Natural Kitchen & Home Makeovers";
a service designed to help people eat, cook and live better, naturally.

I have SO much fun teaching others what I know about cooking, whole-foods and non-toxic products.

I also manage Patient Services & Marketing for Matthew's Naturopathic practice:
Natural Solutions for Digestive Health in Rochester Hills,
where we help people heal "the world within" and the root of most health issues, the digestive system.

To sum it up:
I'm an entrepreneur dedicated to helping people, holistically.
I'm passionate about continuing my journey of growth,
while helping others come closer to their authentic, vibrant, healthy selves.

what are 3 words that describe you & your LIFE?


what do you love? who do you LOVE?

Life. Adventures of all kinds. Connecting with people. Cooking. Fermenting.
Sustainable, local food culture. Blogging recipes. Traveling the world. Gardening.
Entertaining & cooking for loved ones. The mental and physical flexibility and inner peace that yoga provides.
Meditation. The methodical rhythm of ocean waves.
My sweet brother-sister cat duo: Lily and Flava-Flave.

My family; my hard-working, selfless parents,
my quirky and hilarious siblings and
especially my 92 year old Yiayia & Papou (grandparents) who have given selflessly.
Exploring the miracle that is nature. Cuisine as a representation of culture.
Teaching nutrition & cooking to underprivileged through the Cooking Matters program via Gleaners Food Bank.
Bright, vivid colors. Laughing. Playing the djembe in our little jam-band.

Most of all, Matthew, my inspiration and twin flame.

last, but not least,
what is your most favorite quote?!

This quote has helped me profoundly in stepping back and looking at the bigger picture of life:

"And you would accept the seasons of your heart
just as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.
And you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief."
~Kahlil Gibran

thank you, Angela, for sharing YOUR story.
you are truly AWEsome.

ps. i also have to say, i know first hand how awesome Angela is in person & in the kitchen!
my friend & ridiculously talented yoga instructor, Becky Siden and i
hired Angela to show us some new healthy recipes and educate us even more on healthy living, etc. a couple of months ago.
it was a super fun night... i HIGHLY recommend it! i even took some pics so at some point i will share on blog.

also, i know there were a few links mentioned above.
in case you missed them, check out :

Angela's recruitment company :
Orchid Holistic Search
blog :
Green Dreams
website :
Green Dreams All-Natural Kitchen & Home Makeovers
Matt's Practice :
Natural Solutions for Digestive Health
Cooking Matters website :
Cooking Matters

with love & admiration,


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