Sunday, 2.3.13

happppppppppy Monday beauts!

starting off this Monday with a brand new series to the blog -- PASSION LIFE LOVE.

& no this is not our store i am talking about, this is a dose of things in life that happen weekly & remind me of


out of all the days in the week, Monday's just aren't my favorite. it's almost as if the Sunday-itis i had when i was younger & dreading going back to school on Monday has somehow stuck with me... except now it's more the pressure of all that the week brings.

so... when all seems overwhelming & almost TOO MUCH,
i invite you to take a mental break & think of what is PASSION LIFE LOVE to you this week.

for me PASSION happens to be the name of my shellac nail polish color...
which after taking the time to get my nails done reminded me of HOW good it feels! seriously, like a new woman. love.

LIFE is the stack of books that awaits me on my nightstand... that i cannot wait to dive into. starting with The Art of Possibility

& LOVE is this quote that was sitting on my kitchen counter top the other day :
"We are all cups, constantly and quietly being filled.
The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out."
-Ray Bradbury

so what about YOU?
what is your PASSION LIFE LOVE today?!

x to the o

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