simple session : kathleen part three

  Thursday, 8.30.12

you may remember the gorgeous Kathleen from part one & also from part two of her maternity sessions.

well, it is officially time for our third (& just in the nick of time-- their twin boys were born just a week after this session!!!), simple sesh of this very special project, aka 'part three' of Kathleen's maternity session!

below are some of my top favorite images -- hope you enjoy! & stay tuned for the final creative art piece from all 3 of these sessions coming a little later this fall.

C O N G R A T S again Kathleen, Matt, Anna & Dixie for your beautyFULL growing family.

it is truly amazing what the human body can do! so cool to see the transition from our first sesh.

g l o w i n g

love. this.

two gorgeous babies in there!

doesn't she look ah!mazing?! i mean, seriously now.


& of course, Jones had to make an appearance. i love how protective he is in the photo... he was in loooooooooooove with Kathleen!

x to the o

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