simple session: margaretha, joey & lulu

  Thursday, 8.2.12

well another beautyFULL summer day calls for another beautyFULL simple session... well, at least in my books.

please meet the gorgeous Margaretha, Joey & Louisa (who also happens to go by the name 'Lulu' -- can we say LOVE?!). we had such a great time at their simple sesh which included a lot of laughing, kisses, hugging & even pleasing a certain someone's (ahem! Joey ) sweet tooth.

i also had the pleasure of doing Margaretha's make-up look for the sesh! too fun.

Margaretha,,, it was SO nice to see you again after all these years & your incredible growing family! Joey & Louisa are ah!mazing. next time John will have to be a part of this to make it fully complete.

without further ado, please meet Joey. aka the 'cookie monster'

..and his mom Margaretha & baby sister Lulu (who was only 3 months at the time of this sesh)


can we say LOVE?! L O V E!

absolutely STUNNING. all of you.

a little outdoor fun

did i call him a 'cookie monster' earlier? well we should add in a 'cupcake monster' too!

beautyFULL Louisa

& last i'll leave you with a SMOOCH!


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