wednesday's whimsy : the Aashrum studio

  Wednesday, 3.26.14

a little while back i had the pleasure of visiting 'The Aashrum Recording Studio',
where Mark had the honor of interviewing his dear friend & mentor, the incredible Dr. Loren Siffring.

while there, i was blown away by the meticulous detail & love that went behind creating The Aashrum ... i couldn't help but capture a bit of it & share it with you all.

it was designed by local artist & musician, Scott Loudon.
as described on the website,
"Its unique architecture and natural lighting make it an ideal place for artists to compose, record, and mix their material. Our guests consistently report that the comfortable, undisturbed environment of our studio promotes focus, rest, and creativity."

this space is truly like no other space you've ever seen.

creativity just oooooozes from this place!

getting ready to record the interview

...we came across this interesting artist who depicts people's faces after hours & hours of too much screen time.
of course a certain Digital Diet Guy thought this was fascinating.

details, details!

Dr. Loren Siffring is such an incredible, Godly & inspiring man.
don't forget to check out his website to be even more inspired & uplifted!

Mark even had an opportunity to share his wedding vows song.

two amazing men.
love their smiles & the endless light they selflessly share with others daily.

The Aashrum is a full production recording studio in Greater Detroit, Michigan --
if you are ever in need of a one-of-a-kind recording studio or know of someone who is,
check them out!

wishing you a happy wednesday whimsy!


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