Wednesday, 3.2.16

I was watching a clip from Wayne Dyer recently in which he talks about how you can choose to ignore your calling, the constant whispers guiding you towards what you really should be doing, however at some point if you don't decide to BELIEVE you CAN do it, the Universe will MAKE IT happen for you, somehow.

This resonated with me in many different ways, as what he was speaking of doesn't necessarily need to be regarding a "job" per say. Especially as a mother, not only have my priorities & life changed, but so have my eyes & heart. I feel as if 'finding a balance' is a never-ending "to-do" on my wish list --- and quite frankly, I have learned to be okay with that. I have decided to accept it for what it is and to tackle change as it has to come, recreating B A L A N C E in a fun new way, instead of dreading it or feeling overwhelmed by it (or at least I try ).

I have been definitely noticing a shift happening in my life, though, & sometimes, if you are not careful, the "busyness" of life/parenting/work can get in the way of allowing you to really LISTEN to what that shift IS.

This past weekend Mark came home and said his friend from work told him to watch something when he had a moment.
It is called "I'm Possible".... & gosh am I glad we both made the time to watch this -- we were BLOWN AWAY by it.

Not only was I surprised to see it was Jeremy Cowart, a photographer I admired & used to follow back when I used to follow photographers (who has time for that now, right?), but it was by far one of the MOST inspiring & creative things I have seen in a very long time.

So I knew I had to write about it -- and not just quickly share it on my business Facebook page -- because this is a MUST SEE for everyone. E V E R Y O N E. Did you hear me?!!!
Okay good.

here is a snippet of what Jeremy wrote in regards to his video below,

“I can’t do this.” For many years, this was my reality. But it was a lie.
A simple truth changed everything for me. It can for you, too.

I can’t do this. I’m not good enough. I’ll never be a success.
These lies keep us from living, working and dreaming.
It doesn’t have to be this way.

No folks, it doesn't!
Now grab a kombucha, coffee, tea, water, wine or whatever suites your fancy & take time to watch this IN FULL.
I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

AMAZING, right???
& so i leave you with this final note and reminder :

yes, YOU can!
I'm possible, & so are you.
Never underestimate your TRUTH & true potential.

with LOVE & gratitude,

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