Sunday, 8.30.20

Yesterday I texted my dear friend who I knew was having a really busy weekend (& definitely needing a break soon) :

"Thinking of you! Hope you are able to find little pockets of space this weekend... even if they are little they can be mighty."

The irony is that as I typed these words out they actually surprised me! It was almost as if it wasn't me typing them out but instead 'something' driving me to do so. The words just flowed out effortlessly & the thing that struck me most was the idea that "even if they are little they can be MIGHTY." Maybe it brought some light & added perspective to her day, but funny enough, it also did to mine.

Then today I came across this from @anxiety_wellbeing (thank you ). They ended this awesome quote post with the question :

"What could you do today that just involves enjoying life?"

It made me wonder, what if we began every day with this question?

What if we allowed ourselves the extra minute or two to really understand what we might actually NEED from the day, rather than what the day needs from us?

What if we realized the power that when we make the 'smallest' of shifts in our decisions, they can produce the MIGHTIEST of positive impacts in our days?

What if....

happy Sunday, friends.


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