Friday, 8.14.20

My newest favorite addition to my books on my nightstand...
my husband's FIRST BOOK, 'Courage to Connect' !!! I honestly couldn't be more proud of him. He had this vision & pushed through resistance to make it come true. I still can't believe it's actually here.

It was a labor of L O V E &, in my humble opinion, it shows through on every page of his book. This beauty is printed in full color with photo's & bite-size stories that are meant to encourage meaningful connection in your life. Plus, I personally love the added bonus of his interactive prompts at the end of each story where you can actually write in the book & reflect on areas of your life that need growth & renewal.

His book is available on Amazon but, for he also has a limited quantity that he is selling directly. For details on how to get a copy, DM @markostach!

Life is full of opportunities to connect, isn't it? I hope this book inspires those who get to read it to ALWAYS have the courage to do so.

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