Thursday, 8.13.20

#100daysoflivingAWAKE day 30. Today was one of those days that I just couldn't seem to snap out of an overall funk. I did ALL THE THINGS -- read my devotional, took a walk with kiddos, completed a few tasks that were on my mind, took a moment to just lay on my couch while the kids napped, & even threw on my happy sunnies -- BUT, nothing seemed to shake it. Luckily, the day ended on a better note with some after naptime swimming. On the way home, I was talking with my sister-in-law and she mentioned something about a podcast she listened to recently. Her words went straight to my heart :

“True transformation almost always begins, not when something new begins, but when something old falls apart.

The path to your dream and what you believe are God’s....

Is it possible...could it actually be possible that all along what has felt like a huge setback, is actually a setup for what God wants to do in our lives?”

Today was one of those days that just felt backwards in many ways and yet, what if that is exactly how today was supposed to be? What if we are meant to feel backwards in order to propel forward in an even better direction?

I know this can apply to SO many things in life, especially these days. I hope this touches your heart tonight as it did mine. Much love, friends. xx

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