Ksen :)  Thanks SO much for your heartFULL words, Wen!!!! DITTO! I love you (ALL) so much & am the luckiest to have been able to capture her throughout all these years,,, and especially for this very special time in her life! <3 XXOO  10.17.17, 9:13am
Wen  I am speechless. So overwhelmed with emotion. We are so beyond blessed that you not only took these AMAZING photos, but that you’ve been photographing her for 17 years. I am blessed to have you as one of my very best friends for over 20 years. I love you so much. Thank you for everything. Especially for being the most incredible friend to me and Aunt/role model to my girls. I love you! Xoxoxoxo  10.16.17, 10:25pm