Nicole Haley  Thinking of you as you reach the end of pregnancy! Best wishes for a smooth transition!  3.28.17, 6:45am
Brandy  Beautiful family!  3.27.17, 9:30pm
Beth  Congratulations!! Having two is certainly amazing and tiring! One helpful podcast that I've enjoyed (to help me transition to life with two children) is called Unruffled by Janet Lansbury:) Best of luck!!  3.27.17, 4:27pm
Miranda Hopkins  i love them! big congrats! should have called I would have acted in for the tripod!!!! :p  3.27.17, 4:08pm
Jac  I d this post! What amazing portraits of your beautiful family! You've got this girl! I can't wait to meet my little niece!! Xoxo =  3.27.17, 3:54pm
Laura  By far the most beautiful pregnant woman I've seen! And the pics of you and Jobie = Heart melt! I can't wait to meet sweet baby Ostach #2! =– We love you guys! R, L, M, & N =  3.27.17, 3:35pm