ksen  Papa Ferg! You are SOO very welcome! I love you & your family with all my heart & am so happy to have been able to do this for you all! Thank YOU for the heartfelt & loving comment. I appreciate it so much. : )  9.22.07, 11:43am
Pap Ferg  You doesn't has to call me Mr. you call me Papa Ferg. I thank you for the wonderful pictures of my familly, once again you have captured the essance of the love with in our family. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Papa Ferg.  9.14.07, 9:29pm
ksen  wow! thanks for the comments!!! Gina & Michele, I can't even begin to express how much that means to me & how much you have touched my heart with your words. thank you! it was my pleasure & i can't wait until the next time we have some photo fun!!! my love to you!  9.11.07, 1:00pm
Gina  Ksenija the pics of my son are magical as his mom I always knew he was handsome but you captured the inner Caleb that I only saw his light the light that God instilled in him the day he blessed be with him. And for that I thank you. And again I say that I pray nightly how blessed we as a family are to have you in our lives. You are truely one of God's greatest gifts. Oh and Mike well his not bad either :) I hope to see you both soon in Tawas. My love and many thanks. Gina  9.10.07, 11:02pm
michele  WOW Ksenija the pics are GREAT. Thank you so much for my making Caleb and Gina feel so special and look so beautiful. You captured the spirt of Caleb and the magic that my family shares!!!!!!!!  9.9.07, 12:41pm
Eli  You sure can't tell he's his mother's child ... (that's a joke.) :-)  9.7.07, 6:49pm