Heather  i really appreciate your self-awareness and willingness to act in order to take care of yourself and the ones you love. it is so easy (as you were aware) for us to complain about what's negatively affecting us (publicly, socially, or just to friends). you OWN your happiness. i admire that in you. beautifully written post. :)  12.15.16, 8:21am
Reta Mourad  Ksenija - It's like you've read my mind and you're in my heart. We've been in contact in the past over various things (most recently over essential oils) and your posts and pics just tug at my heart. You basically identified something I've been feeling but didn't even realize it. I see so much on facebook and the news that hurts my soul and sometimes I just can't fathom this is the world my boys are growing up in. However, when I see good in the world, it just reminds me that it's not all bad, and I need to embrace the good. So thank you for always being so positive and sharing your heart with the rest of us.  12.14.16, 11:23pm