Ryan Spahn  These photos are gorgeous. You're a genius. It captured this special day incredibly - it's as if it was relived. What a talent you are. Thank you for collecting such beautiful storytelling.  1.12.15, 1:08pm
Nicole  I can't stop looking at the images, Ksenija! E'lisa and Heather took beautiful shots and the way you edited them is simply flawless. Every single image looks so incredibly beautiful. I had been bummed that we did not also have a videographer at the wedding. After seeing these and watching the slideshow, I feel okay about not having a video. These images genuinely transport us back to that magical day. The emotion, the love, the laughter, it is all captured in these photographs. They come to life and truly tell the story of our perfect day. love. love. love.<3  12.30.14, 2:31pm
Brandy  Beautiful photos! Beautiful wedding! May you always remember this day and the love that brought you together.  12.30.14, 12:03pm
Deborah  Wow. Just incredible that so many photo's were taken in sequence, it was almost like watching a video in 'slow motion'! Your touch is everywhere Nicole and Steve. What a glamorous couple, wedding and reception!! Ksenija, your hand is all over this romantic montage <3 The photographers you suggested gave you wonderful material to put that magical editing touch on it! Everything and everyone is GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats again Steve and Nicole, and welcome to our family Steve <3  12.30.14, 8:36am
Michael Urie  These are amazing! What a wonderful day, these pictures definitely do it justice.  12.29.14, 11:05pm
ang  absolutely beautiful!!!!! how it is possible to capture all the magic & beauty from that day is so incredible to me! nicole & steve you are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! and so is your dream wedding <3 thank you for capturing all of this in these amazing photos!!  12.29.14, 11:31am