Abbie  I am LOVING the new website! It is so YOU! The about section is so fun! I loved seeing some familiar faces in the examples of your work throughout the site. :-)  1.23.14, 3:04pm
ksen :)  Chels,,, thank you SO much! thank YOU for always being such a bright & loving light in my world. <3 MISS you!!! hope this finds you all smiling & doing wonderFULL! xxoo  1.23.14, 12:30pm
chels  LOVE LOVE LOVE the new website! It is so interactive and fun! The style totally reminds me of you! Super work Ksen! I also love that you can see soooo many great photographs with the click of your mouse! It always warms my heart and soul to visit your website or blog! Thanks for being such a shining bright light! xo  1.22.14, 10:49am