Suzanne  Beautiful Website, good work on the small illustration buttons. So refreshing to see a human touch. When checking out of your store shipping was applied. Is there a code for free shipping? Thanks  7.1.16, 9:32am
Dragana  There are not enough words to describe how awesome you are!! Love, love, love the cards!!!  1.22.14, 9:46pm
chels  What a fantastically positive, awesome idea! Great work Ksen! I love the card to the foster kiddo, too! Genius!  1.20.14, 11:32am
ksen :)  thank you, thank you, thank YOU! it's so fun to see something i am so PASSIONATE about come to life & have people enjoy it, too. thank you for your sweet words & support! i am so grateful. <3  1.16.14, 2:52pm
mark  i love these cards!!!!  1.16.14, 1:25pm
Aya  These are absolutely beautiful! I love them! I love YOU!  1.15.14, 12:36pm
Becky  I am always in search for cards that have meaning and beauty. I could not have asked for a sweeter card to send. I can hardly wait to send these out! Thank you for creating these cards Ksen <3  1.15.14, 9:56am