mark  great story Lyzz! Your love for your husband and dog are obvious! Thanks for sharing :)  3.10.14, 6:22am
C.J.  I am really comforted and inspired by here story. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.  2.27.14, 2:32pm
nicolenjoli photography  wow what a great story, Lyzz is a great inspiration to Love your life and live it to the fullest!  2.27.14, 1:49pm
Aya  Wow. Just...WOW.  2.27.14, 12:37pm
Liz Stotz  I love this. I love the story and the concept behind this blog. Inspiring:)  2.27.14, 11:31am
Eli  LOVE!! The best person in the world stole my maiden name. Love love love you, Lyzzie!  2.27.14, 10:28am