Diane Spahn  What a beautiful post, Ksenija! The pictures of your babies truly made my heart smile! There is nothing like the love of an animal. Thank you for putting the important message of "rescue" out there. <3  2.5.14, 4:24pm
JoAnna  Love, Love, Love!!!! Dogs ARE the best. Yours are adorable! You are all blessed to have each other.  2.5.14, 11:21am
Michele Ivy  Oohhhh Ksen! What a beautiful post, & nothing more resonates with me more! I am SO pro ADOPT, & I feel like I wrote this post, as my feelings and my story almost mimics yours. I don't know what in the world I would do without my 2 rescued boys. They are my fur-babies, mine & My husbands life wouldn't be the same without having Lou & Levi, our lover dudes .....& of course Bell, my bratty cat :) Thank you for posting the education of why adopting is the most wonderful thing to do. Cheers!  2.5.14, 10:38am
deborah homeister  Oh Ksenija...what a tender, love oozing post <3 The story told in pictures here, may even be more powerful than the sweet words that accompany them. Every single one of us who have ever 'been rescued' by a critter, know EXACTLY what you mean! And my bet is that each one of us were brought to the point of reliving our own rescue stories as we read yours. Just what the Dr ordered on this cold, bleak mid-winter day: a soul warming reminder that God gave us dogs, that we might experience what true, genuine unconditional love looks like <3 Thanking Him for you and the enormous heart, perceptive eye, way with words and the great camera ;-) He has given to you, to enable you to share your gifts and precious furry treasures with all of us <3  2.5.14, 10:16am
ang  thank for taking the time to speak out about such an important topic ksenija <3 i love your pups like they are my own & i am so grateful to have been with you for both adoptions ;) love you!  2.5.14, 9:47am