Din  Thanks for making this beautiful post. I'm running the detroit half marathon this weekend as well and my nerves have been getting the best of me. It is my first one ever! Reading this some confidence back...so thanks. And good luck to u this weekend!!!!  10.16.13, 9:45pm
ang  you are so inspiring ksen! so proud of you :)  10.10.13, 8:48am
Jane Q  Oh Ksenija, you have no idea how you inspire me to do, be & try more.  9.27.13, 8:37am
ksen :)  great questions Heather! i am not sure,,, maybe the real test will be to see how i feel after the half-marathon?! ;) & in general, this post was meant to also reflect on the idea of how 'run slow' can really translate into many aspects of our lives, not just running! hope that makes sense. much love :)  9.26.13, 9:28am
Heather Savas  do you consider yourself a "runner" now, ksen? ... it's always interesting to me to at what point, exactly, people consider themselves to be runners. regardless, this is a great, true reflection on your adventure. ;) thanks for sharing?  9.24.13, 7:45pm