Aya  Thank you for inspiring me and touching my soul with your heart. It made me feel very uncomfortable; in a "good" way, I guess...I automatically felt almost guilty for what I "have." It's not a good feeling to be confronted by those superficial feelings, but it's definitely an opportunity to reflect and process where it's coming from and why. As scary as it was reading your journal and actually feeling what you were feeling, I almost felt envious in a way too. What a truly soul defining, gut wrenching, uncomfortable, terrifying, and LOVING gratitude filled soul journey you had. Thank you for your courage to share your vulnerabilities with us.  5.2.14, 9:36am
mark  What an incredible writer you are, Ksen. I sometimes forget how rare your courage is and how beautiful your heart shine's. Thanks for sharing you Kenya journey with us! I love you.  5.1.14, 2:45pm
CJ  Inspiring, beautiful and just what I needed today. THANK YOU KSEN!  4.30.14, 3:34pm