Carabeth  You have once again shared with us all the amazing work you do. The beauty and sadness. The joy and pain. Thank you for sharing straight from your heart directly into mine. I feel such an ache deep inside. The thought of the child licking the wrapper of the granola bar and not being allowed to just give her one....straight to the heart. You continue to amaze and inspire me.  9.4.13, 2:27pm
Aya  "love is love." I LOVE that. My heart is feeling definitely heavy though.  9.4.13, 12:44pm
Jane Q  I'm sitting in Starbucks reading this, tears alternating with smiles on my face. Part 2 is the BEST! <3. All we need IS love. You are a blessing Ksenija. :)  9.4.13, 11:46am