Carabeth  Mark, You are too generous and kind wih your words! Thank you so much!!!!  8.30.13, 6:54pm
mark  Carabeth, you are so beautiful. Your attitude is contagious and I loved reading your story. Thank you for being YOU!  8.28.13, 11:16am
Carabeth  Thank you for all of your kind words. A big thank you to Ksen for allowing me to share my story. And for sharing all the other AMAZING stories.  8.20.13, 11:28pm
Aya  WOW. I am continually amazed with the beauty that EVERYBODY has to offer in their own unique way. Thank you Ksenija, for offering this platform where individuals can shine their light. Carabeth, thank you for your light and beauty.  8.20.13, 5:02pm
ang  so inspiring. so uplifting. carabeth- i love what you have to say & think you are such a joy <3 thank you for sharing your story with us. xoxo  8.20.13, 3:20pm
Jen  This story and woman is just awesome. Really inspiring, thank you for sharing!  8.20.13, 2:45pm