ksen :)  thank you Aya & Heather. :) heart you both!  7.7.13, 3:01pm
Aya  I'm so excited for you! And you're right...it's amazing how something so small or little(in quantity) can affect you SO BIG when it's not supposed to be in your system. I truly felt that after doing the juice fast followed by a week of clean eating. It's crazy how our foods affect us. Sometimes it feels defeating because the information is overwhelming, but also empowering because we literally have control over how our bodies feel and the ability to gear it towards the right direction. I just totally put Gwyneth's book on hold at my local library. So excited to see what kind of recipes she shares!  5.31.13, 4:18pm
heather savas  thanks for sharing! ;) that vitamin c trick is the best. good luck on your plan!  5.29.13, 8:24pm