antonia  Thank you Ksenija for sharing this BEAUTIFUL story with us! Her words and your pictures brought tears to my eyes :) What a lovely and blessed soul she is  7.17.13, 11:47am
Julie  One of my favorite patients ever! Karmen just radiates love and she is so grateful for every little thing you do for her. It makes being her nurse a pleasure<3 julie  6.26.13, 9:05pm
Dana B  Karmen and her son shine with positivity! Thank you for sharing your story, Karmen, you are an inspiration!  6.17.13, 10:29am
angela  Ksen, gorgeous job documenting this one. Karmen, you rock!!! Bless you. <3  6.14.13, 11:10am
Karen  I really enjoyed reading her story. What a beautiful, strong woman she is. Ksen you are such a talent & gift!  6.14.13, 9:49am
Carabeth  Another story for everyone to learn from. Karmen and her story...heart....! Congratulations to karmen on being cancer free!!!! My heart is filled with joy for her!!!  6.13.13, 7:56pm
Abby  Reading your posts on the 'I want to know YOUR story' project just lifts my heart. It is easy to be upset, and easy to get wrapped up in the worries and details of everyday life, but this is such a wonderful reminder that while difficult, it is possible to choose happiness. Bravo - you're an inspiration to capture this.  6.13.13, 2:24pm
Jane q.  Karmen is awesome & inspiring as is her 'family'. The photos are as beautiful as the words.  6.13.13, 1:46pm
J.C.  This is a beautiful story of a beautiful woman. Thank you very much for sharing and inspiring us all.  6.13.13, 1:33pm