Bonnie  You are a great dad, husband and son! The photos captured you and your family wonderfully. I always learn from you, too!  9.17.13, 10:28am
Matt  Wow, these comments... I don't know what to say. Thank you so much! Ksenija, thanks for letting me be apart of this incredible series you started :-) We had a blast with you and the photos totally capture the girls essence. You and Mark are welcome over anytime for dinner ;-)  9.16.13, 9:01pm
JoAnna  So awesome. What an inspriational person. LOVE the Dr. Seuss quote. Your wife and kids are blessed to have and you to have them. Enjoy!  9.14.13, 12:28pm
ang  matt is awesome. i have always found him inspiring - what he & aya have so special, and i just adore the whole family. such a writer, you seem to make even the stressful or sad things sound poetic & peaceful. thank you for sharing! love the pics ksen- the camera loves them <3  9.13.13, 8:09am
Katie  We need more people like this in this world! Thanks for being so open Matt. You are awesome. Great blog,too! =]  9.13.13, 7:40am
Jennifer  What a cool guy!!! I LOVE this story!! Made me a little choked up too. Also, (and I'm sure they know this) the show Up All Night is totally perfect for them. Gabe and I love it. :)  9.12.13, 2:23pm
mark  This might just be my favorite "i want to know your story". Matt- you are an incredible dad, husband, friend, chef, music buff, and writer. thanks for sharing you heart and reminding us all that "there is no set path. just follow your heart." Keep following your heart!  9.12.13, 2:09pm
C.J.  I really related to this post. Thank you both for sharing!  9.12.13, 1:29pm
Jane Q  Way to go Matt! I love your spirit & I love how Ksenija tells your story in pictures. I'm smiling as I sing my 'tune of the day'. Thank you both. :)  9.12.13, 9:29am