Mary Beauregard  Dear Ksen, Molly forwarded your link to me, as I have not checked it out on my own. These photos are breathtaking and I want very much to have you to myself and hear all about everything!!!!, but I will look forward to reading your journal entries until such time. Much love!!!  4.22.13, 12:25pm
jo  Awesome - Our God is Awesome and the pictures are awesome of His creation and the beauty you brought through your pictures of His beauty and creation...God Bless you on your continued journey of life with God showing you all His signs and taking notice of them! And for sharing those signs that touched me also through the lens of your camera - a God inspired moment indeed...  4.10.13, 2:21pm
ksen :)  thank you for the comments everyone. :) @Ciiku, my words come from a place of deep appreciation & LOVE. i was specifically writing about my time in the "bush" of Kenya (ie Chemolingot, Kauriong & Kodich) which is the main reason we were there. i was not talking about the airport or a guesthouse, etc. - where we were staying 90% of the time there was no electricity & when/if there was, it was powered by a generator. however, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this!! it was just a different perspective than i was used to & if you read my entire post, you will see that what i am actually saying is that while i was in Kenya, i felt ALIVE. i felt something different then what i feel in the 'comfort' of my usual pattern of existence. it was & is a beautiful thing. :) so in other words, yes, i am saying the same thing as you... Kenya is much MORE then what any 'stereotype' has made it to 'be'. i hope that through my personal experience & honest words in entries to come that will continue to be depicted.  4.9.13, 11:02am
Ciiku  I appreciate everything you have written here but I do believe that saying nothing... NOTHING was clean in Kenya and everything else continues to reinforce the stereotype that Africa is the third world. We are trying to educate the world that we are more than that. Yes, we have our problems but surely..... I think you will agree that we (Kenya) are MORE than what you have represented in your words. I am sure there was electricity in town, in the airport even and therefore, is it right to say 'NO electricity"? I think not.  4.9.13, 10:22am
Aya  Your images, your words, your spirit...SO powerful. Thank you for sharing, Ksenija!  4.8.13, 5:42pm
Kelly  I Love your heart and honesty! This post was beautiful and touched my heart. I am always wondering if I am doing "enough" for God. If I should be doing MORE. But, honestly...He loves us in this moment...right where we are. He is so good and we need to remember we are doing better than we think we are! Much love to you!  4.8.13, 4:19pm
Ang  Ksen this is so poetic. Beautiful and humbling- to say the least. Thank you for sharing :) they sure are lucky to have had you!  4.8.13, 4:00pm
Meg Malley   Truly amazing, captivating images Ksenija - along with such touchy words. Your physical and spiritual experience in Kenya shines through so poignantly in this post. I adore these images and can't wait to see more. Always such a fan of your work. love, Meg  4.8.13, 3:48pm