Aratich Collins  This is amazing.welcome to our place(chemolingot)once again  2.27.18, 7:07am
ang  wow. i am grateful to be able to live vicariously thru you ksen! your words & these images are so real and beautiful. thank you <3  9.13.13, 8:39am
Lo  You captured and shared "part 1" of your Kenyan journey so perfectly and beautifully! My heart is full of love and warmth and PEACE just reading this post and seeing what true natural beauty you captured. So Thank*FULL for your sharing <3  8.16.13, 12:06pm
Christine  Ksen -- What an amazing journey. I am grateful you are willing to share it with us in such honest detail. What a gorgeous community of people.  8.15.13, 6:41pm
Ann R  Stunning captured the spark of the divine in the people and nature. You are living your purpose in life and inspire us all.  8.14.13, 11:06am
Janis  Beautiful and elegant. Thanks for sharing :)  8.14.13, 9:14am
Janis  Beautiful and elegant. Thanks for sharing :)  8.14.13, 9:13am
stacey  beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing. what a great reminder of how great our God is! oh to be filled with a joy of that caliber! gorgeous photos and an even more gorgeous people! xo {ps...did you happen to meet a merab?? we are sponsoring her...thought it would be amazing if you'd met her! xo}  8.2.13, 3:37am
Aya  Your heart is a vessel to carry love to others. And this trip was just that.  8.1.13, 12:16pm
Aya  I hope you know how much your words, pictures, and soul fills other's hearts. Literally.  8.1.13, 12:15pm
JoAnna  So blessed to be able to visit and share. Awesome and inspiring.  7.31.13, 10:01pm
mark  speechless. thank you for sharing yourSELF. All of it. I like this quote the best..... "It is in these moments, I felt God placing a warmth on my heart & a calling to start accepting myself for who I am… to stop being so critical. I feel He is sending His message through these children, these absolutely gorgeous souls.  7.31.13, 10:17am
Jane q  My face smiles. My heart is joyful. You are a blessing.  7.30.13, 3:09pm
Carabeth  Unbelievably beautiful! Thank you for sharing your words and photos. You humble me!  7.30.13, 2:53pm
Brandy  Okay...I will read the post later because I am at work, but I looked at the photos and they gave me the chills. Beautiful!  7.30.13, 2:30pm