e'lisa  I can't wait to hear about your journey. Things like this will change your heart. I love this self portrait. Thanks for sharing!!  4.5.13, 12:55pm
ksen :)  thank you everyone! & yes, Ciiku, i most certainly did. :)  4.5.13, 9:14am
Ciiku  Hope you enjoyed your trip to my country.  4.5.13, 1:35am
cathy kellstrom  I am Carol Boyer's sister and I am so grateful to you for sharing these pictures...and your thoughts.  4.4.13, 10:07pm
Aya  I can just feel your joy and energy Ksenija! Can't wait to feel/see/hear more of it!  4.4.13, 5:20pm
mark  this picture brings so much joy to my heart :)  4.4.13, 1:50pm
Jac  I love the title of this....perfect!! It parallels the spring season! xoxo :-)  4.4.13, 12:52pm