Jennifer  One of your best posts ever! Love every.single.image. Gorgeous!  3.20.13, 2:39pm
ang  wow ksen- well worth the wait!! such beauty. even when all I want to do is grab those babies- hug them and rescue them...and feed and wash all the animals too- your post reminded me of the beauty and peace in such a simple life. even with all they are missing- they seem to have so much. thank you for sharing this. what an incredible experience.  3.20.13, 12:23pm
Aya  Oh, this post... So proud of you, Ksen. On so many levels. xoxo  3.20.13, 10:51am
Eli  Ugh! I want to squeeze and love one of those little orphanage babies. Poor little kiddos need mommies to love on them. Such sweet, blank canvases. I hope they persevere through the odds.  3.20.13, 10:02am