Katelyn  Ksen! These images are beautiful and make me want to go visit Italy ASAP! Some of my favorite are the one of the red car, the man reading the paper with his dog, and the man sitting in the doorway of a home with the laundry hanging outside of it. You have such a talent for capturing LIFE in a single shot. I have not seen many photographers be able to achieve this the way you do. Just lovely and as always, thank you for sharing with us!  3.13.13, 9:23am
ang  oh my goodness. not sure where to begin with my thoughts- but.. 1. i wanna be there right now!!! 2. now i am hungry : ) 3. you capture so much beauty! 4. i want new prints in my house. 5. did i mention i would like to go- right now?? 6. the architecture, colors and feeling in every building, stone road...incredible. 7. i love italian animals : ) 8. the people...beautiful. 9. i would like to go there! 10. AMAZING!!!  3.7.13, 9:34am
Aya  Oh,My.Goodness Ksenija. The beauty is so other worldly! I literally sighed at each image(before you even inserted the *sigh* lol) It looks like it was such a soul quenching experience for you...thank you for taking me there with you!(oh, and I TOTALLY recognized the "scene" from Under The Tuscan Sun before you even pointed it out. You know we both love the same movies. ;)) Oh, and thank you for sharing the happy ending with your iPhone. I literally gasped when I read that you left it behind. Gah. Good karma is going around! xoxo  3.4.13, 12:29pm
kris rupp  Wow!!! I haven't visited your blog in a while and I'm so glad I did!!! Amazing travel images by far!!! What a trip I can only one day dream to be part of!! Thanks for sharing!!!  3.2.13, 8:37pm
Matt  Wow! What gorgeous photos! Looks like an amazing trip!  3.1.13, 10:53pm
Diane  Absolutely awesome and stunning, Ksenija! We stayed at La Badia Di Orvieto and they had the best food in all of Italy!!! Tuscany is a dream!  3.1.13, 9:15pm
mark  between the food, landscape and animals, I felt completely drawn into the experience that you captured. p.s. you can't go back without me :)  3.1.13, 4:03pm
e'lisa  Ok, you make me miss Italy SO very much. I need to go back stat!! Incredible images Ksen. Just incredible. :)  3.1.13, 3:35pm
Jennifer  That's it. I'm packing up my family and moving to Italy. Sold!  3.1.13, 2:57pm