ang  BEAUTIFUL!!! meghan you are GORGEOUS! your eyes are amazing! these pics are incredible ksen- and those little girls take my breath away- SO CUTE!!!!!  2.7.13, 1:07pm
Momma H  Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing Ksen. Love you all.  2.7.13, 8:10am
ksen :)  thanks Mark & Kitty!!! :) love you!  2.7.13, 8:01am
Kitty - Lucky mom and mother-in-law  Thanks for these beautiful photos of some of my favorite memories! Love you Ksen!  2.6.13, 3:47pm
mark  so i need to stop looking at your blog while I'm at work. between laughing, crying & smiling ear-to-ear-- I suspect people are going to question my mental health :) This post brought back some amazing memories. Thank you for being such an important part to our family, Ksen :)  2.6.13, 1:34pm