Nancy  AMAZING PICTURES! Ellery is so beautiful and blessed! I love all of the pictures, but I am especially dying over the photo where you kissed her and she's smiling! Love you Maras'!!!!  8.19.07, 9:50pm
Jamie Maras  Ksenija - You've blown us away with your beautiful work. We can't believe how perfect these pictures are of our new, baby girl! THANK YOU so much for working with us, and for capturing our new family so artistically! We're dying to see the rest of them! :) Jamie and Mark  8.18.07, 9:51am
Nicole  All of the pictures are truly amazing and beautiful! It would be hard to choose from them. I can't wait to see the rest of them :)  8.17.07, 5:12pm
Brandy  I think Ellery is the cutest baby!  8.17.07, 3:26pm
Jaime  Ellery - you are so pretty. Your big blue eyes are so dreamy! These pics are so precious!  8.17.07, 12:15pm
Claudina  How beautiful!! Ellery is so photogenic! I absolutely love the one of her snuggling with Clair Princess! Thanks for sharing.  8.17.07, 11:49am
Rachel Maras  Ooooohhh, my lil' peanut niece! She's is the sweetest thing i've ever met, next to Clair, of course! I'm the proudest auntie! The pictures are amazing! Ksen, once again, your work is so great! Can't wait to see more! Which one should i pick to order???? too hard to choose...  8.17.07, 10:04am
Azurely  Ellery - You are such a sweetheart!! Your mom and dad are so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter! Your Aunt Az loves you so much!  8.17.07, 9:06am