Aya  This is beautiful, Ksen. YOU are beautiful! Trust is so "easy" and "hard" at the same time. "Easy," because you don't have to figure out the how...you just need to have faith that it will. But "hard" because it's out of your control. You have to let go. And BE. Matt and I were just talking about this last night about raising the girls in this crazy world. So much hurt, anger, and fear in people and the world lately, but we need to trust that they will find beauty in themselves and this world in their own way. And WE need to trust ourselves that we will as well, so the girls can see it in us. Love you so much!  4.30.13, 1:31pm
G.D.  Wow. Beautiful and true. Thank you Ksenija.  4.26.13, 3:26pm