Laura  You know my sweet, beautiful, friend, when I read your title I thought the big was referring to another hurdle in life you blew past without blinking...something amazingly courageous that I only wished I had enough courage to do...something monumentally touching that's filled with love, b/c that is who you are! I thought "oh how sweet that ksen thought she is grown up now for some reason that I'm about to read when she was an inspiration to my maturational and spiritual growth years ago'. But this post makes me realize that you are human, a woman, just like myself. I have always considered myself big too, not a tall drink of water (that I always wanted to be) like yourself, but ya know, curves galore, lol. But with life and mindfulness I've realized that those traits that God gave us are to be embraced. You have been mistaken for a model many were even mistaken for a ballerina, which I'd like to be mistaken for one time in my life rather than a librarian with my bun :/ Lol. But for real my love, you are one of the most beautiful women I've ever met, body, soul, mind, and most importantly heart! All of my love & admiration! Laura  1.3.13, 2:07am
Dana  Sorry for the double post, I just meant what I said double!!  1.2.13, 11:29pm
Dana B  The only thing I've ever noticed that's big about you is your heart. xoxo  1.2.13, 11:28pm
Dana B  The only thing I've ever noticed that's big about you is your heart. xoxo  1.2.13, 11:28pm
Marla  Had such a nice time seeing you today and was curious about your post after we talked. What beautiful words you shared and literally LOVE how you captured yourself in this portrait.  1.2.13, 9:30pm
trish  AMEN! :)  1.2.13, 7:06pm
Jennifer  I hear ya girl!!! Love you so much :)  1.2.13, 5:18pm
mark  How do you do it, Ksen? Your willingness to share your heart and soul with the world is amazing. It's posts like these that TRULY enable people to let go and let God. Thanks for being EXACTLY YOU.  1.2.13, 3:06pm
Ang  This is so well said Ksen! Thank you for your honesty and being so brave to share this with us. You are the best!  1.2.13, 2:32pm