Dianah  How inspiring! - both the project and Liz's story! Ksenija, I applaud you in your desire to showcase the lives of extraordinary ordinary folks. I look forward to the regular dose of inspiration I know will be forthcoming as we receive more stories like Liz's in our mailboxes. Jewels are not always small sparkling stones.  3.16.13, 9:52am
Aya  Ksen, I'm SO excited that you launched this project! I'm so excited to read all the other's too. :) Liz, I totally got choked up reading your story. THANK YOU for sharing with us!  3.14.13, 12:40pm
Liz  Thank you so much Ksen and Im so happy you are running your first half too!! I promise you that its hard but I also promise that it is worth it in everyway. There is no feeling in this world like crossing that finish line, and knowing that YOU did it.  3.13.13, 9:17pm
mark  what a story! Liz has such determination...her story is going to inspiring me to stop being such a wimp about getting into running! Thank YOU ksen for following what's on your heart to share such an inspiring message with the rest of us.  3.13.13, 4:40pm
Eli Janosko  Inspiring!! I love this!! Good motivation.  3.13.13, 4:34pm
Kimberly Burentte  Ksen, you are so blessed to share Liz's story and I am blessed to hear Liz's story. Liz ~ you are an amazing woman who has the gift and the presence to inspire so many in this world! Keep sharing, keep loving and keep giving. <3  3.13.13, 4:31pm
Matt  This a great story, thanks for sharing! I love the gramma quote too.  3.13.13, 4:31pm