Cyprus Photographer  Gorgeous photos!  12.7.15, 3:00pm
Nicole  This is so incredibly special. I had no idea. What a wonderful joy to experience together on your honeymoon. Tears came to my eyes as you so beautifully wrote the things you will never forget about meeting her. My favorite was picturing the joy on your face and knowing the joy in your heart when you were watching her hold Mark's hand. She sounds like a special young lady. Oh how you must have felt seeing the writing on the back of that minivan. :) how true it is! Thank you for sharing!  2.2.13, 8:48pm
ksen :)  thanks so much everyone. <3 this really was & continues to be an incredible experience. the best part is that we all have the power to make a difference everyday. thanks for your support & inspiration! <3  2.1.13, 4:51pm
Jac  She us so beautiful!! How wonderful that you were able to coordinate that??! What an influence you will make in each other's lives! Awesome! :-)  1.31.13, 3:48pm
mark  the way she nibbled at her food, but licked her ice cream bowl dry. lol! She was so shy yet so happy to be around us. tHanks for bringing me back to such a special time.  1.31.13, 3:42pm
heather savas  moved to tears, you two. who does this... on their honeymoon?! i admire you so much. you DO what other good people THINK about.  1.31.13, 2:00pm
Aya  You and Mark are beautiful. Thank you for giving a piece of your heart to the world and spreading your infinite love...  1.31.13, 12:06pm
Jennifer  This made me teary, Ksen!!! Love this so much!!  1.30.13, 10:36pm
nicole haley  Hooray for Wednesday Whimsy! What a beautiful moment, Ksenija. I know it's inspiring for us to read so thank you for sharing. :)  1.30.13, 7:30pm
Dana Burch  Ksen - this post gave me shivers. You and your husband are such a beautiful people inside and out and Yuleidy is so lucky to have you two as her guardian angels! xoxo Could not love this post more!  1.30.13, 7:05pm
Brandy  This post brought me to tears as well. You are both wonderful people and how special that she has the two of you in her life! I used to volunteer and man do I miss it. This is giving me the determination to give back again. Thank you for this post!  1.30.13, 6:08pm
Meghan Malley   Wow, this post truly brought me to tears. You and Mark are so wonderful for helping this beautiful girl and how cool that you actually got to meet her! I am going to talk to my husband tonight about this organization. Thank you so much for your heartfelt post and for opening my eyes to this great opportunity to help others in need.  1.30.13, 2:53pm