jo  much success in your new adventure in life and glad to hear you are not closing your business - where is your new studio located????? God Bless  12.30.12, 6:38pm
Eli  Excellent. This post makes me SO happy, Ksen! You NEED this. :)  12.28.12, 11:17am
Laura  You continue to amaze and inspire me! A standing ovation for your ability to stop, breath, and let be...All my love & blessings coming your way!  12.28.12, 3:33am
Mark  So proud of you Ksen! You continue to amaze me with your ability to grow personally and professionally. You are on your way to who you are. p.s Psalm 46:10  12.27.12, 6:12pm
Chels  KSEN! How exciting for you to pursue a new and passionate chapter in your life! Dan and I are always here to support you and all of the ah!mazingly fantastic things that you stand for! Sending so much love and huge hugs as you continue to pursue your dreams! Mucho love and support, xo, Chels & Dan  12.27.12, 3:58pm
Erin  Oooooh Ksen, I'm excited to see what is in store for you! :))))  12.27.12, 2:30pm
e'lisa  I am so proud of you and am excited for you to pursue the next chapter of your life. Cheers to happy times ahead! Always here for support. XOXO!!  12.27.12, 1:05pm