Aya  Oh myyyyyyy. What an incredible party to remember! I've LOVED following the Modell family on your blog and they're one of my favorites with their amazing personalities! Mygoodness have the girls grown into such beautiful young ladies! Ksen, you did an incredible job as always capturing the super fun night(ps that cake is UNREAL) and now I want to go binge on some candy. Ha :)  11.28.12, 11:50pm
Lacey Modell  Ohmygosh. You are amazing. Thank you so much!!  11.27.12, 8:08pm
Katie  You are very talented! What beautiful photos, girl and family. Mazel Tov!  11.27.12, 12:30pm
mark  there is no other person that I know that captures the moment, emotion, and personality of the person/family better than you. Thanks for sharing your God given gifts with the rest of the world, Ksenija.  11.27.12, 11:42am