ksen :)  thank you all. your words are SO near & dear to my heart!!! <3  11.14.12, 4:31pm
Darga  Oh, Ksen! I love this story. It's so true, getting to know a person's story is my favorite part. That's the part I'm good at getting, but I FAIL at asking if I can take their photo. I actually tried to go back to get a photo of a Park Ranger in Glacial National Park after I couldn't stop thinking about his story while I was hiking. I went back and he was gone. Maybe we should travel together! The post made me keep reading and the quote below reminded me to continue to follow my heart. Keep being the beautiful soul you are and remember anyone can say no to your first question. :) Kristin  10.19.12, 2:57pm
Mary Beauregard  Oh, Ksenija. The colors, the contrasts, and that beautiful face!! Bravery means sharing your vision with others!!! xxx  10.17.12, 5:32pm
Kitty (again)  Dictionary says Brave comes from the Old italian word "Bravo". Very fitting!  10.17.12, 5:07pm
Kitty "mom-in-law" Ostach  YOU are amazing! What a loving, beautiful story. We cannot wait to see all of your photos and hear your heartfelt stories.  10.17.12, 5:02pm
GD  This is so well said. Ksenija, I am so proud of you.  10.17.12, 11:46am
Nela Savic  Draga moja Ksenija,Volm te neizmerno,volim tvoju dusu,volim tvoj rad,ponosim se sa Tobom! Tvoja MAMA!CMOK!!!My dear Ksenija,I love you soo much,I love your artwork,I am soo PROUD of YOU!!! Your MAMA! CMOK!!!  10.16.12, 8:43pm