Locksmith Toronto  Pictures are gorgeous! I bet Susie and Greg liked that ones! How much time do you need to shot and transform these photos on photoshop? I really spend too much time on that  7.3.17, 1:37am
Toronto Wedding Photographer  I loved the orange glow in the second last wedding photo. What an awesome wedding photographer you are. Cheers from Toronto.  4.28.14, 7:37pm
Caitlin Lynch  oh, ksenija, your work is just too beautiful for words!! I am SO excited for you and Mark and your wedding and honeymoon!! Enjoy every moment, I know you will. SO much love. xo, Caitlin  9.5.12, 11:38am
C.J.  Seriously beautiful and captivating work. I always love the real emotion you capture! Congrats on your wedding. Many Blessings. =)  9.4.12, 8:04pm
Lo  I'm SO proud of you ksen, for listening to your inner "instructor" and "pausing" work to truly live in each and every moment of getting married and celebrating over the next few weeks. You deserve to fully experience and enjoy your "wedding month"! ;-). And yes, we brides all get a wedding month, cause getting married=complete crazy busy time as the rollarcoaster inches it's way to the tippy top, pauses long enough for the actual Big Day, then roars downward for a time of peace, rejuvenation, celebration, and reflection, just between bride & groom :)  9.4.12, 7:38pm
Lisa Stanaj  LOVEEEE THIS, cannot wait to see your amazing work from Susie & Greg's beautiful day!! Hope your doing awesome Ksen :)  9.3.12, 11:35am