DIANA GOODWIN  How beautiful!! The sweetest family ever!  7.30.12, 6:19pm
Lonna  First of all... Hat's off to the photographer... I thought E'Lisa and Chris were the only ones on the planet that could really capture the true essence of love through photography... I've been proven wrong in a big way!!! I couldn't even get through the blog before sending E'Lisa a note... I just love love love you guys. The picts just confirm how solid you guys are and how much love you have. The beauty is much deeper than what we see in the photos... you guys are always in my heart forever... Much love.... xoxoxox  7.30.12, 10:50am
Nicole Haley  Ah! Beautiful as always, Ksen! I just love the relaxed happiness that comes through in these photographs. Beautiful little family, E'Lisa! XO  7.30.12, 10:07am
Jennifer  Awwwwwww!!!! LOVE! So dang cute!!  7.30.12, 10:04am
e'lisa  Thank you Ksenija for making our sessions so fun and for giving us this amazing gift. These make me so happy!! And thank you Aya for the sweet compliement. Amazing start to the week!!  7.30.12, 9:57am
Aya  Aaaaaaand, I just read her name Lucy Lavender Grace. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. E'lisa and Grace, you guys are awesome! She's beyond adorable!  7.30.12, 9:49am
Aya  OH.EM.GEE. One of my favorite couples!!! Thank you for the cuteness overload to start off this Monday morning! Beautiful, lovely, and so.much.love! GAH. <3<3<3  7.30.12, 9:46am