ksen :)  thank YOU all for your tremendous comments -- it is so greatly appreciated! :) @Corina Casanova -- email me & i will send you the link to the online gallery! :) foto@ksenijasavic.com  7.18.12, 2:24pm
Corina Casanova  You did such an amazing job! I would love to buy the photo of Kristy, me and Michelle. The one you have up on the page. How can I do that? I'd like to order it in a 4x6 so I can add it to a frame I have with the same photo from my wedding :-) Best friends forever! :-) You did an incredible job! Thank you!  6.17.12, 1:12pm
mark  these pics are incredible. I feel like I was right there in the action! :) Great job team KSP!  6.15.12, 1:45pm
ang  so romantic!! & how fun are those heart sparklers???!!! i feel like i just went on a mini vaca after looking at these ksen. beautiful!!!!  6.14.12, 10:43am
heather savas  intimate and gorgeous... loooove the heart sparklers! ksen, you captured the romantic feel of this wonderfully by using the natural light, which was almost nothing - incredible.  6.13.12, 2:14pm
C.J.  This is INCREDIBLE.  6.12.12, 9:36pm
Ann  wow - I am speechless. Everything about this wedding and couple is really gorgeous!  6.12.12, 7:53pm