Ozren   The Savić sisters... What are you made of to make you so beautiful... Best, Ozren  1.29.13, 6:56am
heather savas  i wanna go back. :) it was so great to meet everyone and roam around the comfy studio all day. . . and have my picture taken with ben sharkey . . . . really, what a day filled with artistry and passion.  5.8.12, 4:47pm
matt  It was a great time and the the studio is so you! The video turned out great and we were honored to be included. I just wish I ate more mini cakes at the party :-)  5.8.12, 12:05pm
Aya  It WAS such a beautiful evening! So much love was in that space it was incredible. Ksenija, I am so proud of you and team KSP for all that you've acheived and look forward to more success in the future that is sure to come! And speaking of team KSP, it was SO lovely to meet everyone and feel the love! Ahhh...love me some Ksen and KSP. :)))))  5.7.12, 12:33pm
ang  it truly was the PERFECT evening!!! has such a wonderful time & so loved listening to ben :) thank you to all who came & to ksen for hosting a great party!!!  5.7.12, 10:35am