Sara  Abbey! These are great! I love each and everyone!  5.7.12, 10:55am
Aya  I LOVE these images, Abbey! They're absolutely beautiful! The shot of RJ cradling Elijah shot an arrow through my heart and melted me into a puddle.  5.4.12, 1:21pm
ang  oh sweet baby!!! abbey you did such a wonderful job!!! totally captured the calmness and love - so proud of you ;). I can't even imagine how thrilled they are to have such great shots of this sweet baby boy. what a cute family <3  5.3.12, 10:00pm
jessica  abbey these are awesome! i love EVERY single one. xoxoxo  5.3.12, 3:13pm
Ej  Wow this is amazing I'm so excited to see how cute and big he's getting. Rj and Jess you guys look amazing ! Abbey super proud of you can't wait to see what is yet to come !  5.3.12, 2:41pm
ksen :)  Abbey --- you should really be SO proud of yourself... i know i am of you! :) these photos are incredible -- as are YOU! well done my friend!!!  5.3.12, 2:28pm