Kitty  I WANT TO GO THERE! It looks so peaceful but invigorating. What an incredible adventure it must've been and, of course, your images are mesmerizing.  5.8.12, 11:25am
mark  okay, where do I start?!? In no particular order of amazing-ness: Your Mandala! The little baby pink flower Your toes in the sand (fav pic) Turkey Vulture Butterfly in the hand!!! Clouds above butterfly Okay I'm gonna just say this is my most favorite post. I know there is a lot of emotions stirring around, but this trip has forever changed the DNA of your soul. Now get home safe and kiss me!!  4.27.12, 9:29pm
Jac  Love you!!  4.27.12, 8:53pm
Jennifer  I wish I was there!!! Gorgeous work Ksen. Your style seemed to fit their vibe perfectly :)  4.27.12, 8:32pm
Aya  I can literally feel your soul healing, clarifying, and glowing looking through these amazing images. You are bringing tears to my eyes, Ksenija.(that, and making me hungry. I hope you're bringing home more recipes!) l am so, so happy for you to experience this beauty. Love you so much!  4.27.12, 8:13pm
Brandy  Wow...what an amazing experience you are having :)  4.27.12, 6:52pm
Romi  If only the world had mOre joyfilled and talented people like Ksenija... You remind me that our world is filled with wonder and beauty. I don't know how you do what you do or how you got to be so superbly amazing but I am truly grateful for all who you are...  4.27.12, 6:30pm