Jac  Amazing Ksen!! I am so happy that you are able to have this experience! Breathe in every bit that you can....the photos are breathtaking. Can't wait to see more, or better yet--to go there someday soon! :-)  4.24.12, 10:06pm
heather savas  yeah..... wow.  4.24.12, 4:07pm
Mark  Note to self...waking up and reading your blog in bed may cause extreme envy! I'm in awe at the post I just read!!! The images are breath taking. I can see God directing you capture some of His most finest work. I'm so happy for you Ksenija. Lori and Meghan and all of the other women must be having the time if their life. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this incredible experience with us! This is the type of work you were truly meant to capture my love. Maybe we should come back for our honeymoon?!?!?!  4.24.12, 5:50am
ang  not even sure what to comment on first- but WOW!!! glorious scenery, beauty surrounds you and the food looks yummy too. soooo happy you are there and wishing I was in your pocket!!!! thank you for already taking time to share with us!!! xoxoxo  4.23.12, 11:20pm
Abbey  Oh my gosh. So excited for u. Enjoy your time doing so many things u love.  4.23.12, 9:58pm
Aya  Oh honey...I am SO happy for you. You deserve this experience...even if you're there for work technically! ;) Love and peace to you, and soak it up, babe. Namaste!  4.23.12, 7:15pm