Brandy  It's me again.... congrats on baby Parker! I can't wait to meet him!  8.2.07, 7:09pm
AVERY CLYDE  yOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! bOTH OF YOU! So glad Ryan forwarded. Congrats on the baby. Parker is a great name. Best wishes with you first month. It's awesome, you'll laugh hysterically and be so tired you'll feel drunk. We're on the other side now!!! Congrats again, all our best, Avery and Rob  8.1.07, 4:14pm
Nurse Cindy  Ang and Eric, You two were the best! Although your labor and birth wer complicated, it was my pleasure to care for you both + your little guy Parker. I wish you all the best in life! Take care and write when you can. Best wishes, cindy  7.29.07, 10:05am
Lauren  Angela you look fantastic! You have always been absolutely beautiful in every way! I love the pics & I look forward to seeing you in person hopefully soon! Congratulations :O)  7.28.07, 12:11pm
aunt carolyn  the pictures are remarkable, i am so glad debbie shared them with me. i do have a few favorites. angela is my first niece, i'll never forget her birth. this is such a special time for all of us. thank-you so much for your contribution-one we can enjoy forever!  7.19.07, 9:52pm
Deborah H  You bring both tears & laughter from me Ksenija; how can a camera be used to evoke such emotion? I am in awe of this gift you've been given; and I am remiss to express just how you have blessed me. My 'firstborn' nears the birth of her 'firstborn'...and you dear one, have captured them both. Thank-you more than I know how to say.  7.17.07, 8:33pm
Renata Stojcevski  The pictures of Angela are absolutely stunning. You truly captured their happiness. I loved the pictures of Angela and her hubby laughing! And those eyes...*SIGH* So beautiful... You are an amazing photographer! You are so talented, gifted, beautiful (inside & out) ...a true artist! Great job my dear! Wonderful. Much love, Renata <3  7.17.07, 11:38am
Kyrstin  I have the most beautiful family in the world! Ksen, the pictures are just beautiful. I can't believe how well you captured their joy!  7.16.07, 6:33pm
Danielle  These pictures are amazing..she could be a model..their just gorgeous!  7.15.07, 10:47am
j. dawood  Angela and Eric these pictures are just a small part of the many blessings to come when you have this little "Angel" from God who is given to you to care for and guide. I am so happy for you both and just wanted to give you a small piece that I have loved over the years: Happy Moments, praise God. Difficult Moments, seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful moments, trust God Every moment, thank God. Can't wait to see that little one who truly has 2 "special" people to raise and love him always. God Bless You Both and Much Love, Joanne Dawood  7.14.07, 2:08pm
Mike  wow!!!!  7.14.07, 9:53am
Brandy  Angela you look amazing!! These photographs are so precious and really capture that motherly "glow." The ones of you and Eric are simply beautiful. I love the both of you and I know you will be amazing parents. Love and miss you very much!!  7.13.07, 11:25am