Cindy  Isn't love awesome! I am so full of happy that you have found it! Miss you.  4.2.12, 11:03am
Jac  You both are amazing. Really amazing. So inspirational, so real, so organic. xoxo  3.30.12, 4:57pm
trish  K, two are so adorable. Reading this blog made me feel so many different things. It made me cry because it's so sweet, it made me miss you more, it made me remember how much we sometimes forget to tell our significant others how much we love & thank them. THANK YOU Ksen.  3.30.12, 12:10am
Chels  Unbelievably romantic, precious, lovely, perfect...what a love letter/thank you card! Your love is an inspiration! Xo  3.29.12, 6:55pm
mark  remember that time I cried at my desk at work? Well between you and me, that never happened ;) Ksen, THANK YOU, for letting me love you. I wouldn't want it any other way.....  3.29.12, 2:20pm
Aya  OH.MY.GAWD...aaaand, you just made me cry. At work. Thank YOU. lol. You two are beautiful...and I love you both so, so, much.  3.29.12, 2:12pm
Abbey  You two are truly beautiful. Love all the heart in u both.  3.29.12, 2:02pm
Brandy  Love this post. So often we forget to say thank you. Can't wait to meet Mark some day. He seems pretty amazing....  3.29.12, 1:55pm