K Mom  Wow, Ksen you are amazing. You really captured this beautiful couple and I want every one of these photos!  3.20.12, 11:00am
abbie  oh.my.gosh. Ksen - once again, I am completely blown away by your talent and ability to capture "them" and their love for each other. Andy, and especially, Tiz both look amazing! I absolutely love these!  3.15.12, 8:23pm
Aya  I LOVE this!!!!! The artsiness, the smiles, the vibe, her shoes!!! ;) Seriously...each shot is like a piece of art. They're certainly great subjects for it too. :)))  3.15.12, 2:44pm
kristin  LOVE these!!!! elizabeth is gorgeous in these!!!!!!!! super fun and definitely captures her personality. :o)  3.15.12, 2:43pm
mark  Ksen, these pics are soooo good. The pics in the alley are my favorite. Btw, when are we going to supino's pizza?  3.15.12, 2:38pm