ang  oh abbey! so excited to see you on here and love love that you are part of ksp ;). you have done so much already and I truly can't wait to see your talent continue to grow. you are an inspiration to me & I love ya girlie!! x o  5.3.12, 10:17pm
Shelly  Abbey! I didn't know you were joining KSP! Great job w/Jessica, RJ, and Elijah's photos :) I look forward to checking back and seeing more from you!  5.3.12, 4:23pm
ksen :)  Heather couldn't have said it better! you are a true blessing Abbey & i am SO very grateFULL for YOU! :)  4.6.12, 8:31am
heather savas  YAY abbey! so happy the team is blessed with your creative spirit! you're a beautiful soul with a beautiful smile! :)  3.22.12, 4:17pm